Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jones Family

Hey lovelies!

I photographed this family a couple of months ago.  With so many births on the books, it took a while to post this sweet session!

This family is one of the sweetest and laid back families I've ever known.  These two boys are full of energy and are BOYS.  They love to play outside and get dirty.  But, they are so sweet to their little sisters.  These two girls are so sweet.  Josie is all about helping Momma out!  She is the funniest little human I've ever seen... she reminds me a lot of my, also, 3 year old girl.

And Livi, oh my goodness.  She is so content and all she does is eat, sleep and get sweet loving from her family.  These babies are so loved... and it was so vivid while photographing them.  These parents are so patient with their children and they LOVE watching them "be kids".

Don't forget Jules!  Their sweet Boxer.  Oh my goodness, I fell in love with their dog during Amanda's home birth.  She was so concerned about Amanda and was always close by.  A man's best friend...

Thank you for choosing me to photograph your sweet family!  It was an honor to witness and capture such a loving family.


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