Saturday, November 12, 2016

Baby Eiland [Birth Photography - Mississippi Birth Photography]

Hello lovelies!
  I have to tell you, THIS birth that I photographed this summer was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  It was Camille's first birth and she was a trooper.  She was supported by her sweet husband, Lake, and her WONDERFUL Doula, Grace Greene (  Camille's labor started that evening and went on through the night and she delivered that morning, on a beautiful sunny day.  Camille amazed me.  I swear y'all, she was in, what seemed like, transition for hours.  With the support of her husband and awesome Doula, Grace, she took one contraction at a time and was able to focus on that alone.  Her doctor was incredible too.  She gave Camille a "pep-talk" at the end when she started self doubting (which she had been doing - another sign of transition- and her Doula coached her through each self doubting thought).  Watching Camille's team of labor/birth support was inspiring.  I truly felt honored to witness and capture such an amazing miracle.  I love birth and I love babies!!! :D

love love,

**Permission was given to share these images.

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