Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Boudoir Party!!!!

I know there have been a LOT of you who are interested in booking a Boudoir Session!  Thank you ladies for that! :D  I will be teaming up with a FABULOUS makeup artist/hair stylist for "How To Be A Goddess" Boudoir Session Party.  This is a special event held in "my" Boudoir, here in Magee!  You can book a session for yourself and be sure to invite a friend, if you like!  You will be given a two hour time period- one hour for hair and makeup and snacking and then another hour for photographing.  The sessions will be held in "my" Boudoir, like in the Boudoir On-line Gallery you've probably already seen.  It will be held behind closed doors, so NO one will watch you during your session.  I will have a photography assistant on hand, who will also be a woman.  This is a GREAT time for you to get away and have a morning, afternoon to yourself!  What an AWESOME Mother's Day present this would be for you... and what a GREAT gift it would be for your hubby too, hehe...  Remember, birthdays, anniversaries and "Father's Day" (which is coming soon)!!!

Contact me if you would like to book this session.  LIMITED availability!!!  We are only taking 6 sessions for this event!  Payment is due at the time of booking!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me through my website under contact!!!

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Boudoir" - What is it all about? Q&A's

Okay, so I know some of you ladies may have questions about my "Boudoir" Sessions.   So, I thought the best thing to do is make a Q&A for my clients!  If you HAVE any additional questions, that I may not have addressed, please shoot me an email on my website. :D

First off, if you would like to see a gallery of a Boudoir Session I've done, contact me through email or phone (information on my website) and I will give you the password.  Yes, it IS password protected.

Alright, Q&A below:

1.OH MY GOSH, will you post MY photographs all over your BLOG or Facebook?!

 First off, the model who you see on my BLOG is Brandy T.  She has given FULL consent for me to use her images as part of my advertising FOR "Boudoir" and for her own use.  I would never EVER put your "Boudoir" images on my BLOG for the world to see.  There will not be a +Teaser+ (a.k.a. Sneak Peek) either.  So, please do not worry that your images, that you hold very close to heart will be plastered all over my BLOG or Facebook.  These images are private and for YOUR eyes only... and maybe your hubby's.  hehe  You will be provided with an online gallery WITH a password that will only be given to YOU.  It is up to YOU whether or not you would like to share that password with anyone else.

2.Why should I do a "Boudoir" Session?

One question that I want you to ask you is:  why not?  Is it your hips?  Your thighs?  Your waist?  Your arms?  Your bust? A turkey neck that you *think* is there?  Teeth that may not be as straight as an arrow? Your "baby belly" from giving birth to a child?    It doesn't matter if you're a size 20 or a size 2... you will be captured so beautifully.  I work with props (sheets, oversized shirts, etc.), lighting (natural light) and I know SO many great poses for ALL different body types.  No TWO bodies are designed the same... and I do not intend to capture each of you "the same way".   You will be very pleased with the results, I promise.

3. What happens in a "Boudoir" Session?  Do I strip down to nothing... In FRONT of you?!  :O

No... you do not walk into "my" Boudoir and strip down to nothing.  You will be given a private room to change in, relax in with bottled water and ambient lighting.  You will also have time to fix any last minute hair styles, touch up your lipstick and take a minute to relax.  I will go at YOUR pace with this session.  You need to be 100% comfortable with me, my camera and the session pace.  I usually talk "through" the session to put you at ease... I take your mind off of everything and focus on YOU: your hobbies, your favorite music, great movies you've seen lately, etc...  It will be like talking with an old friend... and that brings comfort. :)

4.  Ew... I have cellulite!  Why in the world would I want that captured?!

Don't worry about cellulite.  I promise, with my poses, lighting, and editing, your cellulite will not show.  Nor will ANY other part of your body that you are uncomfortable with.  I am here to capture the sexy, vibrant, and confident Y-O-U!  Be-YOU-tiful! <---(word taken from Cathy Empey!  Thank you CATHY!)

5.  What if I'm not any good at doing my makeup.... or hair?!  I want to look sexy... like that woman I saw in my "InSyle" magazine!

First off, IF you can afford to hire someone to do your hair and makeup for the session, DO IT.  It is SO worth the money.  I've worked with women who have had their makeup and hair done by a professional AND women who haven't.  If you can afford it and you want to treat yourself OR if it's time to get your roots "touched up", then do it!  And go to someone you trust or someone who has an trustworthy list of references (like from your Best Friend).  If you're pretty good at pulling off "that look" right off of the magazine page yourself, go ahead and do it yourself.  If you have that artistic flare and can mimic a look, do it! :D  And if you need help, I am here also.  I am not licensed by any means FOR makeup/hair, but I have a background in helping with makeup.  I can mimic just about any look:  the smokey eye, the natural, the bed head, the classic, etc...  I will not do your entire face or head of hair but I can help with what you've started if you're having trouble.  I'm sure there is a certain look you've seen in a magazine, in a movie, etc... that has inspired you.  Tear that page out, bring the movie box, etc...  The best way to get ideas is to "save" your inspirations... :D

I hope this Q&A has helped answer any questions you may have about my "Boudoir" Sessions.  I have a private gallery on-line of a recent "Boudoir" Session.  You will need to email me to receive the password.  Again, this is for anyone who is interested in a "Boudoir" Session or is *thinking* of doing a "Boudoir" Session.  If you are worried about "what will the images look like, what is your style when shooting "Boudoir"", etc... I think you will be very pleasantly surprised...

Email me for the password!  If you would like to book a session, please call 601/ 408.1921  or you can email me at andrearose3@yahoo.com

Thank you and have a be-YOU-tiful day!

Andrea :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"How To Be A Goddess"

It's been a loooong time since I've shot Boudoir.  I had my first (of many to come) Boudoir Session today for this year!  It was SO. MUCH. FUN!  I fell in love all over again with lighting, posing, hair, makeup, curves, shadows and yes... pretty, oh so pretty, lingerie.

I L.O.V.E. Boudoir.  I see this being a GREAT addition to Andrea Reed Photography.  So ladies... get ready...  And YES.  You all CAN do it!  :D  Here is just ONE peek at a Session from today.

More to come...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Twinkie Delight" Sneak Peek = Cali&Sam

Oh my gosh these twins are adorable!  And let me just say right off, Miss Cali LOVES being in front of the camera.  As SOON as her mom put her in front of me, she started smiling!  She was hilarious... of course, she doesn't sit very long, she is ALWAYS on the move!  Sam was so handsome too, he was such an observer!  He wanted to know "what in the world is going on?"  at all times! ha!

Reese, of course, (who is about to be 8) is a riot too!  He is full of smiles (but doesn't want to have his "missing two front teeth" photographed! :D  Trust me, I tried... and I got a 'lil' bit of his missing teeth :)  He's not going to like me for that! :/

Joni and Jason, y'all have a BEAUTIFUL family!  Thank you for letting me capture your family...

love you all,
Andrea :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Coming of Age...

LOVED LOVED LOVED this article in the new "American Photo".  It is focused on Seniors and how the Senior market has changed over the years.  Actually, we've seen a huge change in the past 2 years with Seniors in high school.  It seems Seniors are more aware of what they want, how they want their sessions to run (thank you America's Next Top Model- LOVE this show) and what they "expect" their images to look like.  I LOVE the fact that Seniors are more in touch with projecting "WHO" they are in portraits now.  The look of Senior Portraits (now) have more of a editorial look... with more of the subjects personality being the focus.

Back in the day, I remember seeing friends who had their "Senior Portraits" taken by photographers who thought it was cool to pose Seniors "just right"... trust me... it wasn't cool.  Most of the images I saw,  I often thought, "what the heck were you thinking photographer?"  E.g.:  Train tracks (God help me if I see another Senior sitting on a train track), a beautiful girl leaning on a HUGE, white "98", and of course, the red barn backdrop with a fake wooden fence (in the studio) with the Senior posed so perfectly with the class ring showing, with one hand down and one hand under the chin.  My gosh, I think I could go on forever.

If you were smart, you went to Keith and Denice Boutwell of "Shooters Photography" in Forest, MS for your Senior Portraits.  Keith and Denice are considered my "adoptive parents".  They took me under their wings and showed me the ropes of not only photography, but hair and makeup, lighting, editing and running a business.  So, of course, when it came time for my Senior Portraits AND my brothers, etc., we went to Keith and Denice.  I also had a LOT of friends that went to them.  Not because they were the only photography studio in Forest, but because they were THE best.  They captured Senior girls so beautifully, with their personalities shining through each image.  It was so natural how they captured Seniors... you could tell the Seniors were comfortable AND they were being themselves.  That is what makes a good Senior Portrait, in my opinion:  capturing WHO they are... not a "posed version".

So now it seems that photographers are going AWAY from the studio posed Seniors.  There is nothing with shooting in a studio... sometimes they make THE most gorgeous shots.  But, it's good to get outside (if possible) and shoot with a gorgeous girl in a field or in a funky building.  When I started shooting Seniors, I was determined to capture "WHO" they were and "HOW" they wanted the world to see them.

Of course, we all need to make mom, dad and gramma happy.  So, always have that classic portrait for them, in a beautiful dress or suit... and then... ROCK IT OUT!

Check out the American Photo article here:  American Photo

Below are some images I've taken of Seniors...

Have a Beautiful DAY!
Andrea :D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lila is 5?.... No way...

I cannot believe I am saying this:  Lila is turning 5 on Friday!  She is such a precious child and ALL 5 years have been amazing.  She is so full of personality and life and laughter.  She is the only one who can make a genuine "funny face" and make me roll on the floor laughing!  She has so many dreams and so many questions... It's amazing to watch her grow into a little lady.  She loves her sister, Vada, more than anything... and I feel for anyone whoever tries to mess with Vada.  Lila will be there holding up her fists ready to fight! ha :)

Lila wanted a "Princess and The Frog"  party and so we are on to the decorating! My mom, Charlene, is awesome at decorating for events.  She runs a business:  "Modern Creations".  We are so lucky to have her talent in our family! :D

Luvs and Hugs

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