Friday, November 27, 2009

Vowell Family +Sneak Peek+

Oh my goodness, this little girl is PRECIOUS!  She could SO be a Matilda Jane model.  I fell in love with her little personality.  It is so amazing to watch and capture a child discovering a new place.  We shot at the old theatre in downtown Magee.  She was on the go all of the time but she did stop to smell the "roses". ;D  

Erin and Todd (mom and dad) were so sweet together too.  Erin just had a baby boy and looks amazing!  Her hair is gorgeous and baby boy is so alert!  

Thank you for letting me capture this special time in your lives!  You have a beautiful family!  Can't WAIT for you to see the rest!!!

Andrea :D

Weaver Family +Sneak Peek+

The Weavers are a fun family!  They brought their boys' bikes and let them ride around while we shot.  It was a blast!  They are so handsome too... and they have gorgeous eyes and are ALL into being boys!  They were running around, riding bikes, playing chase.  It was a great time.  

Mom and dad just snuggled in the background and watched their boys "be boys".  hehe!  

I had a wonderful time with you Weaver Family!  Thank you for letting me a part of this special time in your lives.  

I can't WAIT for you to see the rest! 
Andrea :D

And the Winner Is...


Everyone from the Christmas Mini-Sessions had their
name put into the "hat" for a drawing on Thanksgiving!  The
name that was drawn, by Lila, was "The Yarbrough" Family!  
They will receive a FREE 11x14 CANVAS PRINT of their 
choice, from our Christmas Mini-Session!

Congratulations Danielle and Family!!!  We appreciate
your business!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season.  

With Much Love,
Andrea and crew :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Boy Carver +Sneak Peek+!!!

I drove to Hattiesburg to meet this precious bundle of joy for our photo session!  He was around one month old for the shoot, so I got to take a glance of his personality.  And let me tell you, he is such a fun baby!  He is totally in love with his mommy and is so aware of his surroundings!  I had a blast photographing him.

Thank you Erica for choosing me to capture this special time in all of your lives~~~

Enjoy the +Sneak Peek+!!!

Andrea :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Senior +Sneak Peek+ Sullivan

We had a BLAST shooting this Senior Session!  Thomas was so much fun to photograph.  He loves football, hunting and his dog!  He is full of Southern charm and loves to make you laugh.  He pulled a good one on me and made me think I had a snake behind me while we were shooting.  Yes, I jumped about a mile high.  

Needless to say, it was a GREAT time!  Enjoy the +sneak peek+ and enjoy the rest of your last year of high school!  Thank you for choosing me to capture this special time in your life! 

Andrea :D

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