Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Morning & {Good Weekend}

It's been a relaxing weekend
BBQ'ing, playing in the water,
being with the family, 
cleaning here and there.

I started on my "client ordering area"
and organized my 
desk of a mess.  

Other than that, we have
been chasing the 
"Ice Cream Man" 
every chance we get!
Our girls are absolutely
the "Ice Cream"

If they hear music playing
the run to the door
and scream,


I took a few pictures
 of the girls that I 
to post.  
This was on Saturday of

You will notice Vada with
her "snorkeling"
mask on. 
The face Vada is making
is her 
{under water}

I never laughed so hard
at that girl.

Lila enjoys just being outside.
And I captured a picture
of her just looking 
around and saying...
"wow, it's so pretty out here..."
The other pic of her is her,
{come here and give me some sugar}

And of course, what is a Sunday morning 
without waffles, syrup and
Of course, the coffee is for
{momma & daddy}.
Vada is saying the
for our 


We hope you all have had a wonderful
Enjoy the rest of the day...


Friday, June 25, 2010

Would You Like A Seat? {redecorating}

I figured the best way to save a buck or
two $ is to splurge a little
on paint and go from there.

I think paying $22 for
 is a LOT cheaper
than, say, $99 for a chair.
My mom always tells me, "Work with what
you already have... be creative and
try to make it work somehow."

And like I've been told my entire life:
"Mom knows best."  And being 
the creative spirit she 
she ALWAYS helps me find a
way to make things look

My mom mentioned a while 
back about painting a few chairs
for my office area.  Chairs
that we already had. 

So, being that I've been down
for almost two weeks
because of surgery, I
"I will just go ahead, sit on my romp
and paint and recover chair

I took an old chair
pad and found
some awesome
{that I already had stored away}
and recovered
the pad.

And I did and here are the results:



Thank you Momma,
ALWAYS inspiring


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chambers Family {Sneak Peek} !!!

This family is SO much fun to photograph!  The women are beautiful and the guys are hilarious.  I laughed so much while photographing.  Their personalities are a lot of fun!  

The lighting was absolutely stunning that evening.  I wanted to keep photographing but I eventually ran out of beautiful light.  It was SO golden at sunset but it was very hot.  We had to all take "sweat breaks".  Thank goodness for paper towels! ha

Enjoy your {Sneak Peek} Chambers Family and thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful family.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Tips for BRIDES and {Photographers} !!!

Brides!!!!!  This information is for you... and photogs, it would be great to pass this along to your Bridal Clients. ;D Saw these tips in my PPA Magazine (March 2010) and thought it would be a GREAT idea to pass along the tips!  Enjoy!

1.  BLEND, BLEND, BLEND.  You can use your everyday makeup, but use more than you normally use every day.  Many makeup professionals use airbrush makeup, the method of choice for high-definition TV, because it's lightweight, waterproof and gives flawless coverage.

2.  SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE.  Use less makeup for a day wedding and more for evenings.  You can get dramatic with eye makeup.

3.  DON'T SKIMP ON CONCEALER.  Use a moisturized concealer on the thin, sensitive skin under the eyes.  If your concealer isn't moisturizing, blend it with a skin cream.  For blemishes, first treat them with a natural or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, then cover with concealer.

4.  DO A MAKEUP TRIAL RUN.  It's the only sure-fire, stress-free way to make certain your makeup will look beautiful.

5.  NOT ALL MINERAL MAKEUP IS CREATED EQUAL.   Titanium dioxide, a chemical used as sun block, can reflect flash, giving the bride a ghostly appearance.  In 2009 makeup artist Annie May launched a line of mineral makeup especially formulated for photography called Advanced Mineral Makeup.  May promises it won't white-out the bride under a flash.

6.  USE WATERPROOF MAKEUP WITH STAYING POWER.  You don't want to spend your reception in the bathroom reapplying your makeup.  Foundation, eyeliner and mascara all should be waterproof.  And in case you cry ( and you probably will ), have a tissue or handkerchief handy to gently blot your tears right at the eye.

7.  KEEP YOUR LIPS MOISTURIZED AND COLORED.  Dry lips look dreadful in photos. Have someone carry your lipstick for you and touch up often.  Matte and gloss lip-stick both photograph well, and be sure to use blended lip liner for enhanced definition.

8.  DON'T FORGET THE GROOM.  If the groom is red faced due to too much sun ( or drinking), a little powder can help.  That goes for shiny heads, too.  And it's a good to slip a tube of Chapstick in the groom's pocket for his dry lips, as well as a handkerchief to dab well-wishers' makeup smudges off his suit.

9.  DON'T SPRINKLE ON GLITTER.  In photographs, it tends to look like little white spots, as if there's something wrong with the camera.

10.  REMEMBER to apply foundation and powder to your neck, shoulders and decolletage- you want your head to look like it belongs to your body!

Enjoy these tips Brides... and be sure to pass it along to your clients photogs!
Andrea :D

Laura + David = LOVE {Sneak Peek}

Laura and David's Wedding was so incredibly sweet... it was also very intimate.  There were just enough guests there, not to be overwhelmed with but to celebrate with.  Laura and David were so loving to each other and their children.  Their wedding took place at the "McAlpin House" in Magee.  The McAlpin House is a PERFECT location to have your wedding, if you want it intimate and run by friends, not strangers.

Laura and David seemed right at home during their wedding and reception.  They got into a "shaving cream fight" with their kids and guests, at the end of the night.  It was so fun to watch and capture.

Laura, you looked priceless... so happy and so beautiful.  David, you were so handsome and the look of happiness on your face was priceless.  Enjoy your future together.  Thank you for choosing Andrea Reed Photography to capture the story of your love for each other...

Enjoy your {Sneak Peek} !!!
Andrea and Nicole

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