Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My New Adventure... "The Hunt"

Okay, okay, those of you who know me are probably SHOCKED about my "new adventure".  As most of you know, I've never said two words about hunting.  Whether it be deer or duck, I've never thought twice about trying to break into this market... until I held a "hunting" session.  You know what they say, "don't knock it until you've tried it".  So, that's exactly what I did.  I put on three layers of clothes, a nice warm hat, rain boots and headed out to a beautiful lake in Laurel, MS... of course with my camera bag full of goodies.  So, instead of a gun, I used my camera... which was pretty cool.

I wasn't nervous at all.  I felt more excited than a three year old in a candy store.  It was something new.

Tommy, who is a friend I've known since 1998 is the one who hired me to do this session.  He wanted me to capture images of him and "Rowdy" (his 13 year old Black Lab) going on a "duck hunt".  Rowdy has hunted with Tommy ever since he was a puppy.  Rowdy has such a sweet disposition and I loved working with him.

I can't deny it, this shoot was the most fun I've had in a long time.  Just watching how they prepared to hunt and how the dog worked with his "master" was awesome.  It's not something that I could've seen myself shooting when I started my business.  I loved every minute of it and I look forward to shooting "a hunt" again.

Thank you for this amazing first time experience Tommy and Rowdy!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!
Andrea :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I heart Gallery Wraps!

One  of my most favorite products is the "Gallery Wrap".  They are so modern and unique.  It is a different option for those who like the framed look for their images.  I love frames also BUT I love the way a gallery wrap hangs on a wall and how far it comes out... like a museum piece of art.  And that's exactly what it is:  your life as art.

The gallery wraps that I order are 1.5 inches thick.  The images are printed on Canvas and then they WRAP the canvas around a real wooden frame.  I use an open back (with a wire hanger).  A wire hanger is what I recommend using to hang Gallery Wraps and/or a frames.
If you are going to use more than one gallery wrap for your Wall, I recommend doing different sizes to give it a "Designer Wall" look.  Or you could do 3 of the same size (very classy).  Be sure to measure your wall before you put any holes in your wall! :D

The images below are a couple of gallery wraps that I ordered for clients.  There is are (2) 16x20's, a 10x10 and a 10x20.

You will see the horizontal 16x20 hanging on my wall to show you how far the gallery wrap comes off of the wall. Very cool.   And as you can see, the canvas is wrapped VERY tightly around the wooden frame. awesome.

PHOTOGS:  You can find cool collage templates for products and images at:  www.lbobi.com/templates.html
Allison and Jeff Rodgers own "Allison Rodgers Photography".  They are fabulous photographers and designers!  They offer a wide range of products for their clients and for photographers.  Awesomeness. :D

Time for me to run, check out the gallery wraps below!

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